Welcome to my website.

Alxa Zuoqi 2016 Photo: Micah P. Hilt

I am an anthropologist of environment and politics. I explore embroilments of land and air as openings into political experiment. My research tracks the substantial dynamics of sand, dust, and wind as a way of gaining insight to contemporary environmental politics in China and downwind.

photo credit: Jia-Ching Chen

I work, in my research, with scientists, engineers, foresters, farmers, artists, and breathers of all kinds. Overall, I wonder over how an avowedly post-natural contemporary meteorology displaces analytic habits and ways of asking inherited from a more confident social science, and, through this, I ask what anthropology has already been becoming in this strange weather.

I’m so happy and excited to be a part of the amazing community at and around UC Santa Cruz’s Anthropology Department!

uc santa cruz anthropology

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